3 Things I have learned as a Mother & Teacher

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1. Admit mistakes, They will respect you more for it

It would be foolish for me to claim that I have been perfect because I haven’t . I have learned that when I make a mistake I should admit it. This has taught my son and my students that adults aren’t perfect, everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay, and that humility is not weakness. I don’t have to be perfect; I just have to love. My son and students could care less what I can do in the office, or how I decorate my house, or what size clothes I wear. They love me for me. I have learned that their love for me is so pure and without limits. This has taught me how to love others and how to accept others for who they are.

2. Forgive quickly.

Wrongs happen and mistakes are made. Sometimes, those decisions hurt. But not granting forgiveness only harms me. One minute I have the potential to be dubbed the “worst mom ever”, the next minute, I’m “the best mom in the whole world”.

In turn, I have learned that children forgive quickly. They don’t hold grudges or highlight our shortcomings to use against us. They simply let it go and get back to loving us.

3. How to Trust like a Child

Children leap without looking and they aren’t afraid to take chances. And while I think we do have to be careful and use our best judgment, sometimes we have to leap too.

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We have to be willing to have courage and refuse to let our fears consume us. Fear would have kept me from opening two businesses and beginning a third. We sometimes over analyze things, kids just trust and go for it.

What is one lesson that you have learned from being a parent, teacher, or friend?