We Are Blessed Every Morning

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God blesses us each morning when we wake up.  We get to choose how we will live our day.  We get to decide if we are going to take the time to look into each other’s hearts and see the unique challenges we each face.  Today I am reminding myself to look at each person as I’d imagine God looks at me…a child under construction, learning, struggling, growing, and changing all the time.  I believe that if I look deeply into a person long enough to see the child of God within them, then I will have more tolerance for them then I otherwise would have.  I hope I’d show more love and offer more patience.  Today is the day that I will choose to put others first whenever I can and to take the time to really listen to them.  I am going to put down my defenses and not only try to see them, but to let them see into me as well.