Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Do you remember playing the game called “Telephone” as a child?  It went like this, someone would whisper something in someone’s ear next to them and they would pass it around the room until it got back to the original person.  At the end, the activity would end in everyone laughing at how different the statement was from the beginning.  What I didn’t realize when I was young, is that when you grow up…you play that game for real.

Today one of my Montessori students and I were having a casual conversation.  He randomly asked me why I had made a certain decision, that I had never made.  He had been told a version of a story that had been miscommunicated based on something that was overheard.  I was reminded of the game “Telephone” and the saying, “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.  It was a great teaching moment for him and a realization for me.  We all need to be careful who is listening to our conversations and the thing we repeat, people’s feelings possibly getting involved, and the impressionable ears who could hear the story.

This reminded me that when I overhear conversations I need to think about the part that I didn’t hear.  I also need to remember that when sharing a conversation with others I should ask myself “Is this meant to be passed on?”  These will be my intentional living thoughts for today’s Wednesday of Wisdom.