My Family & Thanksgiving

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This thanksgiving week I have been reflecting on the past year and thinking about the year to come.  I realize some people have more things than others this Thanksgiving.  Some have better health, more friends, more family…other have lost more…, given away more, cried more tears… but I don’t think being thankful is about more. For me, I want to pay attention to what I have.  I’m thankful for the people in my life; the ones who have come and stayed, the ones who come and stayed for a season, and the ones who just came for a  short visit.  I have learned so much from them all, life lessons that have made me a better person.

This Thanksgiving I want to especially say thank you to my mom who taught me so much about being humble. I have never forgotten that God is there when we have abundantly and when we have few.  I have always remembered the gift is in what we abundantly give not in what we abundantly have. Thank you Mom for your example.

I’m thankful to my mother in law for knowing your son isn’t perfect, letting us figure it out on our own, for knowing that even though I can’t cook like you I can still take care of my family and most importantly for loving me like a daughter.

I would also like to say thank you to my uncle Ronnie who continues to teach me by example that loving isn’t always saying it but always showing it.

To my son Zac, I say thank you for just being you a wonderful man, father, and husband. I could not be any prouder. Thank you also for wanting to still hang out and be my friend.


Thank you to my daughter in law Kaycee, who Is such a wonderful wife to my son and amazing mom to my grandson. May we one day have a relationship like Ruth and Naomi.

To my grandson Sawyer , thank you for your unconditional love.


To my husband Mark, thank you for always believing in me and for supporting my dreams. Things have not always been easy, the road not always clear, but you have always been my biggest cheerleader.   


And thank you my Heavenly Father for your love, your forgiveness, for all the above people and the rest of my family and friends. Thank you for the life I have been given,  how blessed I am.

Hands of God

Hands of God