I Met an Angel at the Dentist

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Lately I have been feeling sorry for myself because I can’t get around like normal because of my bummed leg.  (I ruined my ankle over the holidays and have been on crutches).  But when I went to the dentist I met someone that put everything into perspective for me.

I was sitting the dentist waiting room next to a young man who was about twenty years old.  He struck up a conversation because he thought the contraption I had on my leg to help me get around was rather interesting. He was in a wheel chair and had the most cheerful attitude I had experienced in a very long time.  He was so concerned about what happened to me and clearly listening in anticipation the entire time I was telling my story.  When I was finished I asked him to tell me his story and this is where I knew he was there to teach me a lesson on being humble.

His story was this:

“When I was seventeen I was really into flying motorized planes. I was an introvert and never really had any friends. I didn’t even like driving around in the truck my parents bought for me. One day when I was out flying my plane it go stuck in a tree.  I got a pair of branch cutters to cut the limb the plane was in but instead I cut a live wire that electrocuted my entire body and broke my back as I fell from the ladder I was standing on.  I was rushed to Grady in a helicopter to the burn unit. When  I arrived  they realized that I was only burned on the palms of my hands and the bottoms of my feet.  That is where the miracles began.  It wasn’t long before I knew I would be paralyzed from my waist down, but all the other changes in me was God stepping in to make something beautiful out of something bad that happened.”

He continued…

“My personality changed from an introvert to an extreme extrovert. I began to make friends with everyone around me as I began the long journey ahead of me. I spent about 6 months learning how to take care of myself and learning how to drive, because remember I never drove when I had my truck. The funny thing about driving was they had to set up the truck with hand gears, much like the gears from the planes I so loved to fly, so, God had already prepared me for this. After this I entered college and began to get involved in inventions. Then, a company that is trying to get something passed through FDA for people with disabilities like mine asked me if I would help them promote their product and now I travel all over the country. I will soon be going to Germany and I have also been given a full scholarship in this field at one of the finest colleges.  Isn’t God amazing?”

As I was walking back to the dreaded dentist chair he says, “Oh I forgot to tell you. The spot where I fell and the electricity went into my body, that same electricity burned a cross in the ground. Hope you get well soon.”

I went back and got in the chair, and thought about this amazing person God brought into my life at just the right time. I have a inconvenience for a few months and this young man had a life change, yet he let his experience make him a better person and he also let it help me become a more humble person. Life has a way of giving us lemons it’s our choice whether we keep our life sour or if we choose to make lemonade.

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