Meet Debi

Debi’s story

Hi, my name is Debi. I am a wife, mother, hip grandmother, teacher, CEO, certified life coach, and national speaker. I am also a simple woman who tries my best every day to follow Christ. My mission and life journey is to develop and empower individuals to have a balanced life. To me, a balanced life includes being balanced in 4 areas: Intellectually, Socially, Physically, and Spiritually. Whatever your dreams and goals are, I can help you. I am here to listen, encourage, motivate, and push you on your path of creating the best version of you that there can be.

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Debi’s core lessons

Never Break Your Promise.

A reminder that even a small unbroken promise can have a lasting impact on others.

Never say CAN’T…it means can after numerous tries

What we say we begin to believe and what we believe is who we will one day become.

Your actions are so loud I can’t hear what you’re saying

Do what you say and say what you do. You’ll feel better about yourself.

Pay now and play later or Play now and and pay later. No matter what you have to pay.

Learn how to face the hard things first so that you can get them over with and move on to playing.

Never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself

Having the awareness to consider this question before asking something of someone can make all the difference.

“Throughout my whole learning experience I had something most kids never have: I had my mom as my teacher. Not only did I learn these core values in the classroom but out of the classroom as well. Since graduating high school I have started a family and my own business. I would have never been successful if these core values hadn’t been instilled in me a long time ago. Thank you Mom, I know you will continue to make good and godly leaders.”
– Zac, Debi’s son