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Youth/Teen Coaching

No child or teen wants to see a psychiatrist. To children that can often sound scary, creepy, and/or boring. But life coaching can be fun! Many people (including the U.S. president) have a life coach. Giving a young person this avenue with someone they can have complete trust and confidentiality with can be a huge gift. Youth Coaching helps young people feel empowered through whatever experiences they are going through. It helps them understand situations clearly, and teaches them how to make age appropriate decisions. There are opportunities for celebration, empowerment, self discovery, confidence-building and the development of personal responsibility.

•Separation/divorce resiliency
•Family conflict/unsettled relationships
•Anxiety exploration and management
•Self confidence/self esteem development
•Difficulties with friendships, social and or school expectations
•Internalized anxiety, anger and/or sadness and resulting “behaviors”
•Self harming

$30 an hour once a week / $120 a month twice a week / $200 a month

Debi lives in Atlanta, GA. For those nearby, coaching can be done on her comfy office couch. Coaching can also be done over the phone or via Skype.

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